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3 signs it is time for tree removal

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property. However, they can pose a hazard if they are diseased or haven’t received proper tree care and might need to be removed. Below are three signs that it might be time to remove a tree:

Hanging branches

If you have a tree that has branches that hang dangerously close to your home, it may need to be removed. These branches may fall on your house during a storm and can cause severe damage. If the tree has small hanging branches, they might be trimmed. However, if they are large, or the tree itself is leaning towards your home, the tree should be removed.

Fungus growth or disease

The presence of fungus means that the tree is not healthy. If a large area of the tree is covered in fungus, or the roots have been affected, the tree will probably need to be removed. Diseased trees are health hazards and could fall and cause damage to your property. If you notice that your tree has rotting or weak branches, rotting roots, a rotten trunk, or yellow leaves without veins, your tree is probably diseased.


If you have a tree that has become a home to rodents or worms, it may be a problem. If the pests can’t be exterminated from the tree, it may be best to remove them.

If you have a tree on your property that you suspect may need to be removed, don’t try to do it yourself. If you live in the Denver metro region, call the experts at A Touch of Class Tree Service to come and look at your tree. If it needs to be removed, they can do it safely.

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