Ash Borer Disease

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The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetle causes the aptly named, Ash Borer Disease. While relatively new to the state of Colorado, it’s a pest that is very concerning to state officials in the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The Emerald Ash Borer is to ash trees what the Mountain Pine Beetles are to pine trees in the Rocky Mountain Region, total devastation.

If you find cream-colored larvae or metallic green adult beetles, similar in size to a grain of cooked rice, your ash trees may be infested, and you will need the help of a professional tree service company. If you call A Touch of Class Tree Service, we’ll do everything we can to save the trees that have been impacted.

Beyond finding these pests, here are a few symptoms of a tree infested with Ash Borer Disease:

  • Sparse leaves and dead branches in the upper tree canopy
  • Tree bark that’s split vertically, often revealing S-shaped tunnels
  • Excessive sprouting at the base or lower areas of the tree trunk
  • A sudden influx of woodpeckers which feed on EAB larvae
  • Feeding damage to leaves and D-shaped holes from bark exits
Ash Tree
What bug is eating my tree

“D Shaped” Exit Holes, Photo By Daniel Herms, The Ohio State University,

Take Action Today to Save Your Ash Trees

Prevention is typically the most effective method. If you have ash trees on your property and they are also prevalent in your area, you are susceptible to this fast-spreading disease. Our tree technicians can apply a treatment to help prevent an infection from starting in the first place.

Once a tree is hit with an EAB infestation, it must be treated right away to save the tree and hopefully, stop the disease from spreading. In the worst-case scenario, a tree’s structural integrity can become so compromised that we’ll have no choice but to cut down and remove the tree. That’s why it’s important to call A Touch of Class Tree Service before a problem starts or the moment you suspect an infestation.

Call A Touch of Class Tree Service or complete our estimate form to schedule an Ash Borer Disease treatment.

Learn More About Ash Borer Disease

Denver Post article talks in-depth about the discovery of Ash Borer Disease and provides more insight on the bug. We also have a PDF on the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, covering everything you need to know about the invasion currently affecting the population of urban ash trees here in Colorado.

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