Pruning Your Tree for Winter

At A Touch of Class Tree Service, we know how deadly winter can be on the trees we enjoy so much during the warm summer months and fall. That is why pruning your tree for winter will help your outside greenery stay healthy and happy, living a long life. Pruning of deciduous plants in the…
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Pruning for Your Tree’s Health

A Touch of Class Tree Service knows the value of trees and why it is so important to be diligent in pruning for your tree’s health at every level of growth. They provide wonderful shade, oxygen to our planet, homes for animals and may even increase your property value if you have beautiful mature specimens…
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Tree Pests and Diseases Here in Colorado

Everyone knows that trees are important to the environment, and they always look great when included in the landscape design for homes, cities and commercial spaces. But when tree pests and diseases here in Colorado strike, it can be a disaster. A Touch of Class Tree Service can help you manage these issues, as well…
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Safely Removing That Tree In Your Yard

Tree Removal, Tree Service
At A Touch of Class Tree Service, we know that safely removing that tree in your yard can be stressful. That’s why we offer quick, thorough, and affordable tree services. With help from our experts, you can avoid damage to your home or other structures, damage to the tree and surrounding landscape, as well as…
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So What Is Stump Grinding?

An old tree stump can be an eyesore in a well-landscaped yard. It also takes up a lot of useful space and creates a tripping hazard for young children, the elderly, even accident-prone spouses. So what is stump grinding? Well, it’s one of our specialties at A Touch of Class Tree Service. Stump grinding is…
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The Dangers of Tree Removal

Tree Service
A Touch Of Class Tree Service has been operating since 1997 and we know the dangers of tree removal are all too real. People who take tree removal into their own hands are at risk in any number of ways. First and foremost, a tree can fall on your home, roof, car, even seriously injure…
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Firewood for Sale Denver

A Touch of Class Tree Service provides the metro area with everything from tree trimming, stump removal to firewood for sale in Denver.  Our firewood for sale consists of an assortment of woods, including Ash, Maple, Elm, Birch, and Locust.  We have the perfect wood for burning a long lasting beautiful fire.  We also deliver…
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Tree Pruning Methods

At A Touch of Class Tree Service, our tree pruning methods are safe, efficient and necessary for the health of your trees, but also keep your home and surrounding areas safe from dead trees or falling branches. Our tried and true tree pruning methods will ensure your trees stay healthy, are aesthetically beautiful and safe…
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