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Before You Decide to Start Topping Your Trees, Read This

A Touch of Class Tree Service has provided tree trimming service in the Denver area since 1997. Over that time we’ve solved many problems for Colorado homeowners, including tree stump removal, tree pruning, tree care, tree lot trimming and tree lot clearing services. The biggest issue we run into is tree topping, which can eventually lead to the death of your tree. A topped tree can result in buds sprouting before their proper time, straining the tree.

A tree in such a state will be severely weakened and more susceptible to insect and disease infestations as well as the development of molds and fungus. The tree may lack sufficient energy to chemically defend itself against invasion and some invasive insects can detect this chemical difference.

At A Touch Of Class Tree Service, we offer all tree services across the entire Denver Metro region. We will ensure every option is explored to avoid topping your trees and exposing them to unnecessary harm.

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