Colorado’s Major Tree Species

A Touch of Class Tree Service knows a thing or two about Colorado’s major tree species. With such a vast amount of forested areas and mountain Colorado's major tree speciesranges, this is a well sought after location that many people love living. It is easy to learn to recognize the trees in this area, and there are some fifty kinds of trees native to all of Colorado, or even less if you do not count those which often grow as large shrubs – low diversity for such a large forested region with many habitats. Colorado’s major tree species include Evergreens, Pines, Spruces, Douglas Fir, Junipers and Broadleaved trees. Of course, there are many variations on these species and all will bring a nice look or feel to a un-manicured yard or business. These trees have adapted to their climate, soils, and environment making them hardy and low maintenance which is a desirable option for homeowners. Not only do they look nice, but they also attract many birds and wildlife enhancing the flow of nature. Colorado’s major tree species entices landscapers and homeowners with beautiful specimens such as white fir and concolor fir, box elder, Englemann Spruce, Lodgepole pine, limber pine, ponderosa pine, cottonwood, maple, alder, birch, juniper, aspen, willow, and oak. What a diversity of beautiful trees to choose from for the perfect landscape around your home.

Be sure to check the growing zones in the area in which you live to see which of Colorado’s major tree species will work for you. Trees can be a costly investment but losing a tree to pests or poor placement can be disappointing and costly. A Touch of Class Tree Service provides an array of information on the subject as well as maintenance services, tree trimming services, plant health, stump removal, firewood, pruning, lot clearing, dangerous tree removal, and a whole lot more. Get to know your trees by educating yourself on which trees will prosper in your area. Leave a tremendously benficial impact on the welfare of the environment. Know that trees have an important influence on the ecosystems in which they live and help determine what other plants and animals can live there also. People love the benefits that trees provide every day, whether your children play under them, provide shade or cosmetically enhance your home. Without them, the world would be a pretty bland place to live. A Touch of Class Tree Service is an excellent place to contact if you want Colorado’s major tree species to survive in your area. A Touch of Class Tree Service can guide you on which trees will be the best options and give you all the know power to keep them thriving and lasting a lifetime near your home. What animals or butterflies do you wish to attract? How can you give back to your community by planting a beautiful tree somewhere special? For answers to these questions and more, call on A Touch of Class Tree Service today and see which major tree species suit your needs for the future. A tree is a wonderful thing!

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