The Dangers of Tree Removal

A Touch Of Class Tree ServiceThe Dangers of Tree Removal has been operating since 1997 and we know the dangers of tree removal are all too real. People who take tree removal into their own hands are at risk in any number of ways. First and foremost, a tree can fall on your home, roof, car, even seriously injure or kill someone. This danger alone should be enough to motivate you to hire a qualified tree removal company.

The dangers of tree removal are not just related to the safety of yourself and surroundings, but for the tree as well. Of course, if a tree is dead or rotten, it should be taken out immediately to avoid damage from falling. However, if a tree has just way overgrown its boundaries, is blocking a power line, or simply provides too much shade and needs to be healthier, then pruning may be necessary. A Touch of Class Tree Service handles all of these matters.

Knowing the dangers of tree removal, however, is not the only issue at hand. Most people will need a good understanding of the dynamics of tree felling, cutting techniques, biology and what equipment to use. Unless they are experts in the field, they will not have a complete understanding of how much this entails. Let’s cover a few of the basics.

Working near power lines, for example, is precarious, and you should always assume the wires are live to avoid electrocution and death. While you may think the black coating of power lines insulates the current, it’s actually just for weatherproofing. Attempting to cut near them is just tempting fate.

It is also very unlikely you will have all the equipment necessary to fell a tree, including protective gear, chainsaws, chippers, cranes, ropes, and much more. These items can be very pricey, so leave it to the professionals.

Also, remember that a dead tree is often dying from the inside out, which makes it extremely unstable and unpredictable for falling when you don’t expect it. And let’s not forget about good old gravity. Once that tree starts to go, there is not much anyone can do, and it will fall where it likes.

You know you love your home and the people that live in it, so why would you risk all of that for a silly mistake that could take it all away? Go with a company that knows the dangers of tree removal like A Touch of Class Tree Service. We’ll get the tree-felling and removal job done, right, safely and promptly. We have the know-how needed to give you excellent service and competitive prices.

The dangers of tree removal is something that should be taken seriously, and it’s important for you to know the risks associated with this type of work. So when the time comes, and that big family tree needs to be addressed, ask the professionals to lend a helping hand. A Touch of Class Tree Service is here to make it a successful mission.

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