Denver Tree Maintenance Service

For Denver tree maintenance service or for the surrounding metro areas of Denver, Colorado, reach out to A Touch of Class Tree Service. We specialize in tree removal, pruning and especially tree maintenance. There are a lot of ways to maintain your trees and the other plants that flourish on your landscape. Our professional arborists and tree care technicians will walk you through your individualized landscaping and advise you on proper tree maintenance.

Tree maintenance services include: proper pruning & trimming of trees, stump grinding, pest control, removal of dead or dying trees, addition of trees to enhance your landscape, fertilization, snow removal services, dangerous tree removal, soil injections, tree watering and finally, horticultural oils, insecticidal soap and natural biologicals to keep your trees as healthy as possible. A Touch of Class Tree Service knows how instrumental it is to offer tree maintenance service in Denver. Maintenance is important to your landscape for early detection and prevention of possible tree disease due to climate issues or pests that are specific to Colorado which can harm the natural beauty of your trees. Our staff also keeps track of all of your Denver tree maintenance service so that we’re able to help you further in the future. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to keep your trees and landscape beautiful, safe and healthy.


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