Firewood Sales and Delivery in Denver

A Touch Of Class Tree Service, Denver Colorado

Finding a firewood sales and delivery company may not be top of mind during the warmer months here in Denver, but it’s the perfect time to place an order. As winter approaches and the snow starts to fall, A Touch of Class Tree Service will be running firewood all across the metro area, so catch us ahead of time, and we’ll be at your doorstep in no time flat.

And if you procrastinated, no problem. You just might have a small wait before we’re able to drop off all the wood you need to keep your home warm and utility bills in check for the winter.

Our firewood sales and delivery services include:

  • Assorted woods: Elm, Ash, Maple, Birch, Locust, and Pine
  • Firewood seasoned for one year or more
  • Firewood cut into 16″-18″ lengths
  • Quantities start at 1/2 cord of wood and up
  • Stacking available, call for complete details
firewood sales and delivery Denver CO

Call or complete our contact us form to request your order for firewood sales and delivery.

How Many Cords of Firewood Do I Need?

This is a question we get a lot at A Touch of Class Tree Service. Our answer is this – it depends. Amounts will vary based on how well your home is insulated, how efficient your wood burning stove or fireplace might be, as well as your planned use. Just remember that having extra is better than running out!

Now, one cord of wood is a pile that’s 4’ x 4’ x 8’, packed pretty tight. Let’s say you have a modest-sized house, around 2000 square feet. It’s well-insulated with newer windows and an efficient wood stove or fireplace. You plan to burn your wood exclusively for heat (not cooking) and as your primary source of warmth except on unusually frigid days. In this scenario, you’d likely be all set with four cords of wood. Since this is just one situation, feel free to adjust based on your actual square footage and burn needs.

If you have questions or need help deciding what’s best, call the firewood sales and delivery experts at A Touch of Class Tree Service. We’ll figure out what you need and get your wood drop on the schedule.