Firewood for the winter

Firewood to get you through the winter

A Touch of Class Tree Service in Denver, we want to ensure you know just how much firewood you will need to get you comfortably through the winter months. We can even provide you with that service.

There’s no such thing as too much firewood.

There are many complicated calculations out there for figuring out how much wood you’ll need if you’re heating your home throughout the winter. Unfortunately, it depends on the temperature, how well insulated your house is, what kind of wood you’ll be using and how efficient your fireplace or wood stove is. Will you be burning wood full-time or just using it to take the edge off during colder times?

In general, a modest-sized, well-insulated home with an efficient wood stove or fireplace burning wood exclusively for heat, all on its own with no other sources, would be safe with four cords (a chord is a pile 4′ x 4′ x 8′, densely packed) or so. But more is always better when it comes to requesting wood from your firewood service professionals. Better safe than sorry!

Other things to keep in mind are your attic insulation, as well as the amount of wind you typically get. Both will influence your results. It’s also handy to know how well your stove or fireplace distributes the heat. If you have a wood stove, a heat exchanger will make the best use of the heat generated.

Here are some tips on burning wood:

  • Well-seasoned firewood is darker and gray
  • Seasoned logs will make a hollow sound when banged together
  • Cracks appear on the ends of logs
  • Bark on seasoned logs is looser and starts to fall off

Elm, Ash, Maple, Birch, Locust, and Pine make for excellent firewood burning qualities and will keep you and your family toasty warm when it gets cold here in Denver, Colorado.

Remember, if you’re doing your own firewood, it needs at least 6 months to season properly, preferably a year. Harvesting should be done in early spring at the latest because it is usually cheaper and plentiful. Dormant insects living under the bark will likely die before you bring the wood into the home. Another point to consider is proper firewood stacking techniques; don’t just leave your new wood in a pile on the lawn. You want to keep it dry, neat and termite free, not to mention easy to grab when needed!

If you aren’t the type to chop your own wood or didn’t get around to it this year, A Touch of Class Tree Service is here for you. Just give us a call and let us answer any questions you may have about our firewood sales and delivery services. We can provide everything you need and deliver all the seasoned and ready to burn wood that you need. Winter is coming, have enough firewood? You do now!

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