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Fuzzy & flaky tree growths…what is it?

Bright fuzzy stuff on your tree limbs and trunk? No, that’s not a fairy lawn — it’s probably either moss or lichen.

Moss is dark green and rough, while lichen is patchy with thin, flaky parts that come in a variety of colors, from aqua blue-green to orange to gray and more.

Moss is a non-flowering plant and lichen is actually a mix of a fungus and algae organism. Both enjoy damp, shady areas; however, while moss does okay in dark spots, lichen does need some sunlight to thrive.

What’s the difference, and should you be concerned?

Moss is not harmful so can be left alone unless you do not like how it looks. Lichen, on the other hand, is usually found on trees that are not healthy. While it does not harm trees on its own, it does tend to spring up on trees that already have health issues.

This is a good time to see that sign as an indicator for a check-up. A Touch Of Class Tree Service has plenty of experience diagnosing and repairing problems with trees that sport lichen. It may need fungicide, pruning, or some unique care. Get in touch when you see it, and we’ll be more than glad to take a look and help.

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