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Ground level signs that one or more trees have pest infestations

Not every Denver Metro home or business owner can effortlessly climb a tree to see if it has pest problems. The good news is that you can determine the health of your trees by looking at the roots and ground level portion of their trunks. If you find any of the following, it’s time to call an arborist to conduct an inspection and perform critical tree care:

  • A large volume of brittle and dead branches and twigs on the ground
  • Premature drop of a lot of nonseasonal leaves or needles
  • Green leaves on the ground that contain holes and chew marks
  • Half inch or larger holes in the dirt around any tree’s roots
  • Ants walking in a formation line near or on the roots or trunk
  • Sawdust on the bark or the ground from small borer holes and woodpeckers
  • An abundance of sap that has run down the side of a trunk to the base
  • A deteriorating or fungus covered stump or dead tree near healthy trees

Our team at A Touch Of Class Tree Service provides total tree care services. We inspect trees during emergency and maintenance calls, and we remove pests and prevent future infestations. Our knowledgeable professionals treat and make recommendations related to ash borer disease, woodpecker holes, ants and termites, and a wide range of other pest scenarios. Call today for details.

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