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My tree roots are damaged…What should I do?

Tree roots can be damaged by many things — from harsh weather to irresponsible landscaping, to construction projects. It can be very harmful to the tree when not addressed. Depending on the severity of the root damage, specific care may be needed by a trained and skilled tree specialist.

If you are unsure whether a root is damaged critically (and to call in for help), you can keep an eye on a few things after the injury occurs. What to notice:

– Branch die-back

– Drooping and falling leaves

– Trunk lean

The roots may be so damaged that the tree is not absorbing enough water, so make sure you are supplying extra at the base. It needs this for nutrient absorption, as well, which is crucial for healing. Soak those roots, especially in dry weather, and the soil nutrition will be used better. Don’t let the water pool and flood the base but do soak the roots thoroughly.

Create some aeration holes if the soil around the tree looks too compacted but be careful not to further damage any root structures. Use a small aerator to puncture soil under the canopy. This can help the hurt roots absorb nutrients, too.

Spread some organic compost around the base of the tree to stabilize temperature and moisture near the roots. Scatter some mulch over the compost. This helps further protect the root areas.

If the tree is leaning or seems weak, it may need some post and cabling support. Sometimes the weakened roots cannot offer a firm foundation for the tree and need some extra help.

When in doubt, and for any questions at all, call A Touch of Class Tree Service. We are here to service your Denver property and provide tree care at your convenience, offering expert advice all year round.

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