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Hazardous tree removal

Unhealthy Trees Can Cause Serious Problems

If you have trees on your property, it’s important to inspect them for signs of damage and disease regularly. Unhealthy trees can attract bugs that will destroy them from the inside out. If left untreated, these bugs can start to attack even the healthiest trees. To prevent bugs and disease from affecting the health of…
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firewood for sale

Deciding When to Buy Firewood For Your Home

If you use firewood to heat your home, it’s crucial to plan ahead. The right timing varies depending on the type that you order. Green Leave plenty of extra time when you buy green wood. Experts recommend seasoning it for at least six months. Season it for a year to achieve better results. Seasoned If…
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Dangerous tree removal

Is tree removal of a dead tree necessary?

Most homeowners know that trees are essential to our ecosystem. However, if you have a dead tree in your yard, remove it. Here’s why: – Dead trees draw different pests such as termites, ants, and rats. These pests could eventually infest your home. – If your diseased tree is contagious, it can affect other trees…
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Tree trimming Denver CO

How Much Will Tree Trimming Services Cost You?

The size of the trees you need trimmed will usually be the determining factor in how much you pay, but there are other aspects (such as how many trees) that can affect the cost. Average cost of tree trimming services The average cost of tree trimming services are as follows: $50-400 for trees 30 feet…
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large tree pruning service

First-timer hiring tips for tree services

Trees grow, so naturally they need to be trimmed and maintained from time to time. These services should be carried out by skilled professionals to avoid any injuries. Before hiring a tree expert, ensure that you check their qualifications and experience in the field to guarantee a quality service. Check their customer reviews too. Enquire…
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Tree service

Before You Decide to Start Topping Your Trees, Read This

A Touch of Class Tree Service has provided tree trimming service in the Denver area since 1997. Over that time we’ve solved many problems for Colorado homeowners, including tree stump removal, tree pruning, tree care, tree lot trimming and tree lot clearing services. The biggest issue we run into is tree topping, which can eventually…
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emerald ash borer

Here’s Why You Should Take the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle Problem Seriously

Emerald ash borer beetles are no ordinary pests. These beetles are an invasive species that destroy ash trees from the inside out. If they’re not caught early in their infestation, the beetles lay eggs within the tree. The growing beetle population then eat their way around the tree, killing it from the inside out. The…
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Grove of trees

Read this first before removing a tree from your yard

If you have a tree you want to get rid of, it can be tempting to saw it down yourself – but don’t. Tree removal is very dangerous, and it’s important that you hire a professional for this difficult job. A fully grown tree can weigh over 10 tons, and this isn’t something you want…
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Professional arborist in Denver

Why you should hire a tree professional

Why hire a tree professional when you can do the work yourself? The top reason is safety and peace of mind. Hiring experts can make sure that jobs like tree pruning are done without injury or damage to your home or trees. Trees are heavy and unpredictable, and a tree service is staffed by professionals…
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Need a Tree Removed from Your Yard? Read This First.

Tree removal isn’t as simple as taking a chainsaw to the trunk. It’s actually a pretty dangerous job that requires proper evaluation and planning if you want to avoid damage to your house or other structures, destruction of landscape features, even serious injury. By bringing in professionals like A Touch of Class Tree Service, having…
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How to Find the Best Firewood for Sale in Denver

Winter is on the horizon. That means it’s time to start thinking about stacking your woodbin for the fireplace. But, how and where can you find quality wood without overpaying for it? Maybe you’re lucky this season with a freshly trimmed tree ready for chopping in your front yard. Or maybe you already have a…
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7 Signs It’s Time to Call for Tree Removal Denver

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, especially when they are properly maintained. One of their biggest benefits is the shade they provide on hot summer days. They can also help with controlling energy costs. all year long Too often homeowners shy away from the expense of keeping trees healthy and thriving. The truth…
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