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Dangerous tree removal

Emergency tree removal

A Touch of Class Tree Service provides all types of tree. If you have a a tree emergency such as a severe storm wind blowing down your trees, or you have a tree dangerously close to power lines, we are the emergency tree company to call. We can trim trees that have dead branches or…
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Tree trimming services Denver

Denver tree service

For Denver tree maintenance service or for the surrounding metro areas of Denver, Colorado, reach out to A Touch of Class Tree Service. We specialize in tree removal, pruning and especially tree maintenance. There are a lot of ways to maintain your trees and the other plants that flourish on your landscape. Our professional arborists…
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Tree trimming Denver CO

How are your trees after a wind storm

You can’t stop nature, there is always going to be a storm. These storms can blow down trees or parts of trees, so action will need to be taken. When a storm hits your area and you think a tree on your property has been damaged, the first thing to do is to secure the…
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Firewood for the winter

We’ve got firewood for sale in Denver

A Touch of Class Tree Service provides the metro area with everything from tree trimming, stump removal to firewood for sale in Denver.  Our firewood for sale consists of an assortment of woods, including Ash, Maple, Elm, Birch, and Locust.  We have the perfect wood for burning a long lasting beautiful fire.  We also deliver…
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Tree removal service

Why you should remove that tree

Trees are good for the environment, but at times they can pose a danger to you and your loved ones. For example, if you live in a storm-prone area, trees can fall onto your home due to high winds. It’s thus essential to seek tree removal services to ensure your safety. Here are some reasons…
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Need my lot cleared of trees

Some tips to recycle wood waste

Although we offer tree-related disposal services that save home and business owners time and money, we recognize trimmings, stumps and whole trees can be valuable pieces of property for those people who have the time to personally recycle them. Consider these top three ways you can reuse waste wood to your direct benefit: Turn trees…
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Stump grinding, A Touch of Class Tree Service Denver Co

Do you have a dead tree?

If you’re afraid that you may have a dead or dying tree on your property, here are some ways you can tell for sure. Dead trees will have: Peeling bark or cracks in the trunk Mushroom growth at the roots Several branches that aren’t leafing out If you scratch a couple of the twigs of…
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Tree stump grinding Denver

3 tips for successful tree stump grinding

If you’ve ever cut down a tree, you know that’s less than half the problem. Here are some tips for stump removal. Sooner is better than later. Stumps can be trip hazards and attract pests. Do your best not to leave stumps in the ground for too long. Consider a stump grinder. Stump grinding is…
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Signs my tree has Emerald Ash Borers

Your questions about ash borer disease answered

The Emerald Ash Borer is a major problem in the US, including Denver. The larvae of this beetle burrow into the bark of trees where they nest and mature, eating the tree’s tender flesh. This robs the tree of vital nutrients. It eventually staves and dies. These are the top three questions about ash borer…
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Tree trimming Denver CO

Ground level signs that one or more trees have pest infestations

Not every Denver Metro home or business owner can effortlessly climb a tree to see if it has pest problems. The good news is that you can determine the health of your trees by looking at the roots and ground level portion of their trunks. If you find any of the following, it’s time to…
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Best Tree Trimming Service Denver CO

‘Tis the season of pine trees

The holiday season is so closely linked to pine trees, decorated to add cheer, even in this fraught year. If you have one or more pine trees on your property, then it’s so important to keep them protected from the vile Mountain Pine Beetle. Tree varieties such as limber, pinyon, bristlecone, ponderosa, lodgepole, Scotch, and…
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Trimming grove of trees

Choosing the most acceptable tree care treatments

We know that people are becoming increasingly concerned about the protection of our precious Colorado environment, which is why many of our clients are interested in the products our company uses. We are pleased to confirm that we only use products that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and have the approval of the…
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