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How can you prevent your trees from falling?

While trees add beauty to your yard and provide shade, they can be hazardous when they fall, causing injuries and damage to your property. Luckily, you can prevent your trees from falling with these tips. Schedule tree service appointments often – this ensures your trees remain healthy. Identify the signs of a tree that’s about…
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How to make trimming your hedges and bushes less stressful

Maintaining plants can be time-consuming and stressful as hedges and bushes require trimming to keep them dense, compact, and aesthetically functional. Unfortunately, many homeowners find it difficult to keep up with their pruning and trimming, and they end up with an unhealthy yard. Luckily, you don’t have to make your hedge and bush trimming stressful.…
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Are some of your trees ready for cabling?

As we enjoy a Coloradan summer, it pays to look ahead to when autumn and winter gales and storms, bringing biting hail, snow, and ice, might all lash your property. Having some of your precious trees cabled (and braced) helps protect them against such events. Support can be offered for weaker limbs and more mature…
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Are some of your trees simply getting in the way?

You may have moved into your property after a number of trees were already in. Or, a good few years ago, you might have added a few small trees yourself. It’s often difficult to appreciate, in the early days, how much such trees will grow, both upwards and outwards. There are two questions to consider:…
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In need of a restorative cut?

For many of us, not being able to visit our barber or hairstylist over the past few months has led to many ‘interesting’ looks! But how about the trees on your property? Your trees may also be in need of the same level of TLC. Overgrowth can occur and block sidewalks, while younger trees might…
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A proactive approach to tree care

When it comes to tree care, a proactive approach provides more benefits than a reactive approach. In a proactive approach, an arborist performs an in-depth analysis of your trees, providing you with thorough recommendations and practices for optimal tree health. For instance, in case you have an ash borer disease problem, a proactive approach looks…
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Trimming grove of trees

Youngster on your property? How’s it looking?

The youngster we are referring to here is a young tree – say up to fifteen feet tall. However, like kids, trees grow individually; for example, some end up more gangly than others! With young trees, careful tree trimming by skilled arborists can remove energy-sapping root suckers, thin out areas where too many branches have…
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Reasons why you should remove tree stumps in your yard

Many homeowners don’t find the need to remove tree stumps from their yard and would rather spend that money on something else. However, tree stumps make your home look unsightly and serve no purpose in your yard. Here are some reasons why tree stump removal is necessary. Tree stumps pose a danger to you and…
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Dangerous tree removal

4 signs your tree is about to fall

If a tree falls on your car or house, it can cause substantial damage. Additionally, it can injure your loved ones. Therefore, it’s vital to know the signs that show your tree is about to fall so that you can take the necessary preventive measures. Some of these signs include: Deformed or dropped leaves Missing…
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Fuzzy & flaky tree growths…what is it?

Bright fuzzy stuff on your tree limbs and trunk? No, that’s not a fairy lawn — it’s probably either moss or lichen. Moss is dark green and rough, while lichen is patchy with thin, flaky parts that come in a variety of colors, from aqua blue-green to orange to gray and more. Moss is a…
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3 signs you need to prune your trees

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of tree pruning in maintaining the beauty and health of their trees. Unfortunately, this often results in the costly removal of rotting or diseased trees at a later stage. Here are three signs you need tree pruning services. Broken branches – these pose a risk to your home and your…
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4 tree care tips for a healthy yard

Proper tree care ensures your trees thrive for a long period. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know much about tree care and leave their plants to grow out each year. This results in many issues, such as tree diseases and pest infestation. Here are 4 tree care tips for a healthy yard: Mulch and fertilize your…
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