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Cord firewood for sale

Time to load up on firewood for the winter season?

Winter is harsh and we all need some respite from the bitter cold. Is there anything better than the comfortable pleasure of watching logs burn, releasing both heat and a good vibe throughout your home? Which is your preferred choice of winter-warming wood? You might like ash or elm, maple or birch, pine or locust…
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Need my lot cleared of trees

Need a clear-up before selling your property?

If you are putting your property on the market, then you’ll want it to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers. This might involve the complete removal of some old and tired trees. Equally, your healthy trees might benefit from a trim to make them look their best for potential buyer house inspections. At…
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Tree trimming Denver CO

If you are stumped after a storm or heavy snowfall…

…it’s good to know expert help is close at hand. When autumn turns to winter, our Colorado climate can be pretty fierce. This means that trees you’ve always assumed to be fit and well can still fall victim and be left in a distressed or even dangerous condition. It might be, sadly, that a tree…
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Tree trimming services Denver

Top qualities to look for when choosing a tree removal service

Tree removal is an art and science that requires an experienced arborist to handle. If you notice large dead branches, decay or damaged roots, a large hollow in the tree trunk, the presence of insects and odd growth on the tree or a tree leaning dangerously after a heavy storm, you need to call a…
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Trimming grove of trees

Benefits of tree trimming services

To ensure your tree grows in the best way possible, a tree trimming service is important. There are several benefits associated with professional tree trimming. Here are some: Improve the look of the trees The trees in your backyard should contribute towards the aesthetic appeal of the home. Trimming makes the trees look aesthetic and…
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large tree pruning service

3 signs it is time for tree removal

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property. However, they can pose a hazard if they are diseased or haven’t received proper tree care and might need to be removed. Below are three signs that it might be time to remove a tree: Hanging branches If you have a tree that has branches that hang…
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Stump grinding, A Touch of Class Tree Service Denver Co

What’s involved in stump grinder services?

If you removed a tree and are now left with a stump, you may wonder whether to leave it or grind it down to make the land more pristine. There are good reasons to opt for stump grinding, including insect concerns like ants and termites, mowing ease, and simply a nicer look. The process of…
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Green bug eating my tree

The emerald ash borer, a tree-destroying beetle, confirmed in Broomfield County

Broomfield has confirmed emerald ash borer in the city even though foresters have tried to prevent its spread. It is the first confirmed report of the tree-destroying beetle in Colorado outside of a federal quarantine area in Boulder County, according to a news release from the Colorado State Forest Service and Broomfield. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/08/20/emerald-ash-borer-broomfield-colorado/
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Tree with invasive bugs

Getting to the root of two tree problems

Namely: disease and drought. For the first, by using soil injections instead of sprays which can easily affect other plants if the spray is borne on the wind. This, in turn, could be harmful to wildlife and could cause discomfort for any people exposed in the same way. Also, a single soil injection treatment is…
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Tree trimming A Touch of Class Tree Service Denver

Helping keep your tree free from mountain pine beetle infestations

Sadly, once these horrors have taken up residence, the battle is usually lost. This has been shown over and over again in the substantial loss of so many of these beautiful and proud-standing trees here in Colorado in recent years. However, all is not lost. These creatures are more prone to attack trees under stress.…
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emerald ash borer

Checking your trees for ash borer disease

Ash borer disease is caused by the metallic green Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, a quite recent but utterly unwelcome arrival in Colorado. Apart from the active creatures themselves, you might also spot creamy-colored larvae, each just about the size of a single grain of rice. An inspection of your ash tree could reveal other possible…
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Well trimmed trees

Bracing trees for our bracing climate

From hailstorms to heavy snow, damaging winds to severe ice, it’s somewhat of an understatement to say that our Colorado climate isn’t always very pleasant to our trees. If you have trees that are a part of your family’s history, having matured along with you, then you’ll want to protect them if old age might…
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