Protect your Home, Property & Forest from Wildfire

We all know how devastating forest fires can be, but we also know that fire is a natural occurrence in the wilderness and a fact of the natural Protect your Home, Property & Forest from Wildfireprocess of the ecosystem. Many
people build their homes in these remote or forested areas which make them susceptible to not “if” a fire happens, but “when” a fire happens. Protect your home, property & forest from wildfire by doing your part to be safe in and around your property. For example, dead trees should be removed immediately for not only the danger of falling but also how easily they will ignite should a fire run through. A Touch of Class Tree Service can help out with that removal and also offer ways to eliminate the threat. Be careful when burning debris, camping or using outdoor equipment at all times to avoid senseless accidents. Ensure that all your trees are healthy and free of any infestations from insects that will kill the tree and make it prone to be a fire hazard. By planting native trees to your area, you give them a better chance to be hardy and defend against such pests in the future. Protecting your home, property, and forest from wildfire is a necessary responsibility that we should all take extremely serious.

When you create defensible space around your home, you greatly decrease the risk of fire. Ensure that you screen any vents and attics from debris, thin and prune trees, then dispose of rubbish, remove pine needles, debris, etc. from your foundations and surrounding areas, check chimney screens, and fire extinguishers. Have signs near your home that are legible with your address and name, have a fire evacuation plan, a “grab and go” kit, and an outdoor water supply ready for firefighters to use if needed. Mature aspens can be a fire hazard as well as Lodgepole pines if they are too thick, so be sure to thin if necessary, they are also susceptible to wind throw. Keep firewood, propane tanks and natural gas at least 30 feet away from structures. If you have wood shingles on your roof, consider replacing them with clay, tile or asphalt as wood shingles are extremely flammable. The near forested area by your home should also be looked at to ensure that a fire does not start there and spread to your home or community. Ensure that there are no vertical or ladder fuels, these are shrubs or low branches that fuel a fire and help it “climb” even higher. Get the support from your community, local fire station and A Touch of Class Tree Service if you are in doubt about how to protect your home, property, and forest from wildfire. Reporting any bad behavior such as leaving campfires, tossing cigarettes, etc. is something we all need to do to ensure our safety and everyone around us. By being a responsible homeowner and doing the proper steps, we will all be better off when we have to deal with the threat of a forest fire.


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