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Pruning trees in the winter

At A Touch of Class Tree Service, we know how deadly the winter can be to our trees. This is why pruning your tree in winter will help the outside vegetation to stay healthy and happy, and live longer. Pruning deciduous plants in winter can promote rapid growth in spring because most plants are dormant in winter. It is also easier to see the shape of deciduous plants in winter because their leaves have disappeared, and it is easier to prune.

  • Prune on a mild, dry day, if possible.
  • When pruning, prune dead and diseased branches first.
  • Then remove the overgrown and smaller branches to increase light and air at the crown of the tree.

In general, your goal is to keep the branches that develop and retain the structure of the tree. Cut the branches at the point where one branch or twig attaches to another, often called a node.

Get the right EQUIPMENT. To prune efficiently, use only sharp tools. You can cut an awful lot with a good old wood saw; however, a curved pruning saw makes getting between limbs a whole lot easier. Sturdy secateurs will save your wrists from aching if you’ve got a lot of work to do, and loppers will extend your reach just the little extra length you may need. A ladder may also be necessary, so be sure to invite a friend over to hold it for you. Don’t go “Edward Scissorhands” on your trees and shrubs. Remember, less is more, depending on the variety of plants you are pruning.

The national average tree pruning cost is approximately $410, based on your state or area and conditions. Some people forget that if you do not properly prune or trim trees and shrubs, they can grow too dense, preventing much-needed water from reaching the roots and sunlight from visiting the interior. This might leave the plant nice and lush on the outside, but the inside will eventually die or get diseased. Pruning your tree for winter is a highly important step.

The pricing for tree pruning depends on multiple factors and sometimes is a necessary cost. Here are a few elements to consider if hiring a professional:

  • The size of the tree
  • The tree’s location
  • The type of tree or species
  • The health of the tree

Check with many tree trimming professionals when getting a quote for your tree pruning, as these factors could affect how much you pay for the pruning experience. Larger trees with a greater girth may cost more and trees planted close to your home or power lines could also increase the cost substantially. Trees with thick branches are harder to cut, and a healthy tree is generally easier to prune. Whereas trees with pests or diseases will take extra work and increase the total cost of your pruning work by a professional, indefinitely. Ask around, and be sure to get the full quote, including removal if needed.

Of course, most pruning of your trees can be done by doing it yourself. However, there are also times when you should call on the professionals such as A Touch of Class Tree Service. We are experienced arborists that can tackle hard-to-reach trees and shrubs during the cold winter months when the last thing you feel like doing is being out in the cold or high up on a ladder. Pruning your tree for winter can be achieved with one easy phone call to A Touch of Class Tree Service. Call today!

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