So What Is Stump Grinding?

An old tree stump So What Is Stump Grinding?can be an eyesore in a well-landscaped yard. It also takes up a lot of useful space and creates a tripping hazard for young children, the elderly, even accident-prone spouses. So what is stump grinding? Well, it’s one of our specialties at A Touch of Class Tree Service.

Stump grinding is a process that uses a specialized machine to remove tree stumps. The grinder cuts away at the wood via a rotating cutting disk, grinding the wood into small chips. Stump grinders range in size, from lawn mower to the size of a truck. The disk blade is powered by an engine and most have the ability to cut both and above and below ground. As its name implies, the stump grinder grinds down the wood into sawdust or a mulch material that is easy to remove or even reuse as ground cover.

A stump can also lead to new tree growth around the stump, which is unsightly and can be hard to get rid of if you wait too long. And let’s not forget about insects infesting a dead or decaying stump, then making their way into your home. You also don’t want to accidentally run over a stump with your own lawn mower. This can cause major damage to your mower – even destroy it in some case.

If you go the DIY route, renting a stump grinder from the hardware store, lugging it back home and reading through all of the instructions, just remember that stump grinders can be extremely dangerous.

Be sure to always wear sturdy work boots (steel toe if possible), long pants, gloves, and goggles. When the stump grinder is on, do not go near the base or blades. Before turning on the grinder, make sure the area is clear of yard decorations, fencing, toys, and other tools. Trim the grass and plants around the stump, so it’s easier to see and remove. Also get rid of any rocks and sticks that could fly up from under the blades or even damage the machine.

Once the stump is gone, you may be wondering what do with the big hole that’s left behind. Well, that’s the fun and easy part. Use the stump wood chips as mulch in your garden, and fill the hole with dirt or rocks depending on the look you’re going for with your landscaping. You can also replant some grass or sod so the area blends in with the rest of your lawn. 

So what is stump grinding? It’s a relatively quick and easy process, but it can be incredibly dangerous if you are unsure how to tackle it on your own. With A Touch Of Class Tree Service, you’ll get fast and reliable stump grinding service from a company that has years of experience in removing stumps of all sizes, as well as tree felling, pruning and much more.

By the time we’re done, it will look like that ugly stump never existed. Contact us today for a quote!

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