Need my lot cleared of trees

Some tips to recycle wood waste

Although we offer tree-related disposal services that save home and business owners time and money, we recognize trimmings, stumps and whole trees can be valuable pieces of property for those people who have the time to personally recycle them. Consider these top three ways you can reuse waste wood to your direct benefit:

  1. Turn trees into ground cover: Mulch made from tree waste reduces weeds and helps absorb and distribute moisture during warm months. It also protects plant roots and insulates against freezing temperatures during winter ones.
  2. Save or earn extra cash: Wood is obviously a great fuel during winter. Reusing brush, trimmings and waste wood can help reduce other fuel-related costs. With a simple “Firewood for Sale” sign, property owners can also make a quick buck.
  3. Create artwork and gifts: Tree crafts have become a popular hobby in recent years. A crafty person can make stump art, decorative wood signs, wood slice paintings or wood picture transfer gifts.

Since 1997, our team at A Touch Of Class Tree Service has proudly provided a wide range of budget-friendly tree services to our neighbors in the Denver Metro region, including tree trimming and complete tree and stump removal services. We are family-owned and operated, which means that we treat your yard or forested area as carefully and considerately as we do our own. For more recycling tips or to schedule an appointment for a free tree service estimate, contact our expert, certified arborists today.

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