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Spring has sprung, how are your trees

A Touch of Class Tree Service is here to service your trees in the spring. We all love the crisp smell of spring in the air, budding blossoms, and fresh new growth on our trees. And just by spending some time taking care of them, you can prolong their life, keep them at their absolute healthiest, and ensure a yard that looks spectacular all season long.

  • Fertilize and Aerate: Nutrients in your lawn have a significant effect on the health of the trees planted in that area. Spring is a perfect time to fertilize and aerate your lawn to allow for maximum water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the earth below and bring those substances to your trees and shrubs. Be careful to not OVER-fertilize; too much nitrogen will cause severe damage. Clean up any leaves, pine needles and debris around the base of your trees and unwrap any winter protection you may have used.
  • Add Some Mulch: Retain moisture and get rid of weeds by adding a layer of mulch for protection. Young trees depend on mulch to help them grow quicker, and mulch benefits older trees, contributing to their health and longevity. A 3-inch layer is the general rule of thumb but be sure to avoid putting mulch around the trunk, which can lead to diseases.
  • Watering: Get your sprinklers ready and keep in mind that even though it is cool outside, your trees can still dry out. They need ample water to stay hydrated. If your soil is sandy, you may need to water even more regularly.
  • Prune and Clip Trees: Research your trees, shrubs, and perennials for the best course of action for each type. Discard dead or diseased branches. A lot of perennials trees can be trimmed to the base.
  • Inspection: Take a thorough and complete look at all your trees; look for any damage or disease, examining the general healthiness. Inspect for any mole or rabbit hole signs that may be inhibiting the growth of your shrubbery. If you are uncertain of what to look for, you can contact A Touch of Class to inspect your trees for you.
  • Pests and Disease: Prevention the most important of spring tree care in 6 easy steps, so if your area is affected by any sort of infestation, be sure to ask around for ways in which you or our plant and tree health services can help rectify the situation.

Remember, trees are generally pretty low maintenance, but keeping them healthy is the key to even less maintenance and fewer headaches. Seasonal chores will prolong your greenery and your landscape investments in the future, so don’t ever put off these important springtime chores if you can help it.

This practical knowledge about spring tree care in 6 easy steps is just a steppingstone to having a fantastically green, healthy, and happily landscaped yard this coming season. Ask A Touch of Class Tree Service today how we can help in making your trees superb on all levels. With competitively fair prices and regular maintenance programs for your yard, we can guarantee your trees will look the absolute best they can, free of disease, pests, and problems.

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