Signs my tree has Emerald Ash Borers

The Truth About Ash Borer Disease

Unfortunately, another invasive species is making the news. This one is the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis), a beetle that is wreaking devastation on Colorado’s and the nation’s ash trees. Native to Asia, it silently arrived silently into the country in imported wood packaging material. First discovered in Michigan in 2002, it is now responsible for the death of tens of millions of ash trees nationwide.

Early signs of the disease include yellowing and loss of leaves as well as D-shaped borings in the ash tree trunk. Although it is a recent arrival to Colorado, it has become a major concern of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Ash are large and heavy trees. Unless you are an expert at felling trees, the removal of dead or terminally diseased ash is best left to professionals such as A Touch of Class Tree Service.

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