Three Reasons Homeowners Should Leave Tree Work to the Professionals

Three Reasons Homeowners Should Leave Tree Work to the ProfessionalsWhy on earth would anyone tackle something as serious as tree work in the yard? Remember, tree falling, pruning or trimming can be a dangerous situation not only for yourself but your neighbors, your home and anything in the vicinity of where they may fall.

Here are three reasons homeowners should leave tree work to our professionals at A Touch of Class Tree Service.

1. If you have not had the training or possess knowledge of the basics of tree work or falling, then leave this situation strictly to the professionals. If you need to fall a tree, for example, you may need to determine a drop zone and make precision cuts. Plus, guiding the tree to the ground often requires ropes or even a backhoe or machinery to guide it where you want it and away from structures. Stumps and root balls are unpredictable, as well as rotten or damaged trees, which can all lead to an unforeseen danger to the untrained eye.

2. Poor awareness of the circumstances around the area is another hazard that injures and even kills many people each year. However, it’s easily avoidable by taking precautions. Power lines or live wires that come into contact with tools or the tree itself can be fatal. That’s why it’s never advisable to work alone and always assess the situation surrounding you with someone who preferably has experience.

3. Tools and improper use of them is a common problem. If you are unsure how to use a chainsaw, then do not attempt it. A dull chainsaw can kick back and cause major injuries, just like a dull knife is worse than a sharp knife. Unstable or faulty ladders are another culprit; it can happen in a split second and can be fatal. To help in the process, most tree workers will need stump grinders, aerial lifts, and a wood chipper, all of which is expensive or inaccessible to the average homeowner. The key is to do it properly from the start – save yourself the worry, injury or perhaps even death.

At A Touch of Class Tree Service, our professionals can provide all the answers and services you need. We offer exceptional tree work for any situation you may have, be it a large dead tree that needs to come down, a major pruning of a tree or bush that is blocking or obstructing power lines, or even just basic tree and stump removal.

If you are unsure what to do, do not delay in giving us a call and getting a quote or estimate for the job ahead. Knowing these three reasons that homeowners should leave the tree work to professionals is something that can be life-saving in your future, not to mention less clean up and less expensive by doing it the right way the first time. A Touch of Class Tree Service is a great place to start and we’d be more than happy to discuss your tree service needs. Get in touch today.


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