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Three reasons tree maintenance is critical this time of year

As winter draws ever closer, it’s important to do more than prepare you home, business or other structures for colder temperatures, high winds and wet weather. Landscape preparation is equally important. Consider the following:

  1. A wide variety of pests overwinter inside of trees and gradually destroy interior structures that are crucial to tree health. An experienced arborist can detect and remove these pests and any dead or diseased parts of your trees. They can also remove diseased and infested stumps.
  2. Tree maintenance also involves tree trimming and pruning services. Any branches located near windows or above your roof can fall off and cause damage on a windy or stormy day. When a certified technician removes branches, they help protect lives and property. Removal also reduces the number of autumn leaves you must rake up and bag for disposal.
  3. During a tree inspection, an arborist can also determine tree root health and soil stability. These areas are important because strong winds can effortlessly pull up and toss around weak rooted trees or knock them over onto people and vehicles or into structures.

At A Touch Of Class Tree Service, each member of our team knows how to perform the seasonal maintenance necessary in Denver Metro and surrounding areas to prepare local trees for winter. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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