Cord firewood for sale

Time to load up on firewood for the winter season?

Winter is harsh and we all need some respite from the bitter cold. Is there anything better than the comfortable pleasure of watching logs burn, releasing both heat and a good vibe throughout your home?

Which is your preferred choice of winter-warming wood? You might like ash or elm, maple or birch, pine or locust – and each has its own personality. If it’s carefully seasoned for at least a full year, and pre-cut into 16-18 inch lengths, so much the better.

As you look out of the window and see the snow starting to make its presence felt, how pleased would you be to see one of our A Touch Of Class trucks hurrying a great supply of our firewood for sale right to your door? As a famous starship captain used to say ‘Make it so’. Call us now on 720-619-6353…

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