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Tips for saving your favorite tree

Many homeowners have a favorite tree. It might be a critical shade tree or a heartwarming ornamental gift. Perhaps it’s one that you affixed a swing to many years ago to teach a child how to swing for the first time.

If your tree’s unhealthy and you’re debating whether to cut it down, try these options before taking that final step:

– Hire a trained arborist to inspect the tree and determine the reason for its decline. Sometimes the problem is a pest, such as the emerald ash borer that causes ash borer disease, nutrient deficiencies or blighted branches. Treatment options do exist. For example, tree trimming and pruning measures can typically stop the spread of blight.

– If your tree is too far gone, try to harvest seeds, seedlings or young branches from it that you can root and then invest in total tree removal services. With these options, you can at least save a part of the original tree to create new life from the old.

Our team at A Touch of Class Tree Service is trained to provide total tree care, trimming and removal services. We provide guidance so that you can make an informed decision. Contact us today for more information.

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