Tree Cabling and Bracing for Winter

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Tree Cabling and Bracing for Winter A Touch of Class Tree Service DenverHave you thought about tree cabling and bracing for winter? Here at A Touch of a Class Tree Service in Denver, we think it is a great idea to be prepared for cold weather. Tree cabling and bracing is a technique that can help reinforce a valuable, mature tree that may be in need of a little help if a large snow or ice storm hits. And it will give you peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe from any unforeseen damage. Here are some facts on the subject below.

Tree cabling and bracing is something that may be suggested to you if pruning, trimming, and removal has not done the job. We all love our trees, and the beauty and protection they provide for us, so naturally, we want to help them out in any way we can.

The best time to have tree cabling and bracing done is the start of our Denver winters because branches are exposed and easy to inspect. The arborist will leave just enough slack to allow for new growth in the spring. Sometimes, in cases where pruning has been done improperly, diseased trees have been left too long, or storm damage has caused a serious fracture, heavy-duty cables and braces are the last resort to support the tree and save its life.

Do not attempt to do this technique yourself! Tree cabling and bracing for winter is best left the professionals at A Touch of Class Tree Service in Denver. We’ll assess the situation and decide the best options for you and your trees. Sometimes the cabling and bracing will be a permanent fixture, and other times, it may be temporary and need to be removed at some point.

How is cabling done? Tree cabling involves installing galvanized steel support cables to reinforce and strengthen the upper canopy of your tree. When installed, they will be hard to spot in the months when the canopy is full, and your trees will be beautiful and supported.

Bracing requires the placing steel rods through bolts which are installed on the trunk to help prevent a crack from widening. These rods help the tree to bend and move with the wind while providing the right amount of stability. These tree bracing rods contribute to making your tree less prone to injury, as well as less potential damage to property and power lines.

If you suspect there may be an issue with a certain tree or trees this winter, it is best to call the professionals immediately to remedy the situation quickly. An experienced arborist will inspect and determine the right technique, then return to check on the status of the tree periodically.

Tree cabling and bracing for winter is just a fact of tree life! At A Touch of Class Tree Service in Denver, we are all about saving your precious trees and keeping them in the best shape possible. From pruning, cutting, landscaping, tree removal, and more, we are your one-stop place for sound advice and experienced arborists. Call us today for a quote.

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