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A Touch Of Class Tree Service, Denver Colorado

Many people don’t realize that tree health services are vital to creating and maintaining a beautiful yard or commercial property. Trees need more than water and sunlight. They need to be fertilized, assessed for damage and their soil properly managed. You should also get to know common diseases, insects and pests so that you can have your trees treated to prevent or resolve any problems that might arise.

A Touch of Class Tree Service provides the Denver metro area and surrounding communities with tree maintenance services performed by our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals. If you need a hand caring for your trees in any of the following areas, please feel free to get in touch.

Tree Pest Management

Proper pest management requires many strategies such as monitoring, record keeping, early detection, identification and diagnosis. This is then be followed by appropriate treatments.

Mountain Pine Beetles

Mountain pine beetles (MPB) are the most prevalent and destructive pests currently found in Colorado’s pine forests. MPB often kill massive numbers of trees during their annual outbreaks. Trees that are not healthy due to old age, disease, crowding, poor soil, drought conditions, root disease and more are most likely to be attacked – Learn more about Mountain Pine Beetles

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle that’s relatively new to the state of Colorado but has certainly caught the attention of local and sate agricultural officials. Like MPB, the Emerald Ash Borer can quickly destroy all ash trees you have on your property. If you suspect your ash trees my be infested, you need the help of a professional tree service company asap. – Learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer

Elm Bark Beetle

This beetle consumes elm tree leaves, leading to an early demise of the tree. Once an elm becomes brown and weak, it’s susceptible to wind breakage of branches and limbs. Elm leaf beetles favor Siberian elms, but all elm species may be damaged during beetle outbreaks. This beetle can also invade homes, where they will make their presence known in late winter and spring.

Tree Health Services

Tree care continues to evolve, so we keep up on the latest techniques and methods to ensure we’re versed in the many ways to effectively serve our customers across Denver metro.

Soil Injections

At A Touch of Class, we offer this relatively new option to treat a number of tree pests, from aphids to borers. Whenever possible, our tree technicians use these soil (sometimes trunk injections) instead of sprays to avoid affecting other plants, wildlife, birds and of course, people. On top of being better for the environment, soil injection is economical because one treatment often lasts the entire season.

Deep Root Watering

Due to the semi-arid conditions in Denver, trees don’t always water deeply enough to accommodate the needs of our trees. Using specialized tools, we can go 12 inches below grade and water exactly where your trees need it most – their roots. Whether it’s been a particularly hot summer or you don’t have an irrigation system, deep root watering can keep your trees green and healthy.

Products and Safety

When a homeowner or business owner calls us for tree help, we always use the safest, most effective treatments available. All products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and approved by the Colorado Department of Agricultural. These may include horticultural oils, insecticidal soap and natural biologicals. For questions or concerns, just ask your tree technician for clarification.

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