Tree Lot Clearing Service

A Touch Of Class Tree Service, Denver Colorado

Clear a path or prepare an entire lot for construction. A Touch of Class Tree Service provides the Denver metro area and surrounding communities with professional residential and commercial tree lot clearing services. We specialize in safe, efficient and effective removals and outstanding results.

We offer fully licensed and insured services for all tree lot clearing needs:

  • Trees and bushes removed

  • Brush and under-growth clearing

  • Stump grinding and removal

  • Construction site preparation

  • Real estate investor lot clearing

  • Homeowner lot clearing, mitigation

Just give A Touch of Class Tree Service a call, and we’ll schedule time with one of our tree technicians. Once at your home or property, they will complete a walk-thru to evaluate your trees, stumps, brush and more – then recommend the best tree lot clearing processes to remove unwanted trees.

Whether it’s cottonwood trees, elm, pines or any other medium to large trees, our crews handle it all. We can also clean up fence lines overrun with grass, weeds, brush, and small trees. If you’ll be leaving some trees on the property, we can trim overgrowth to ensure they’re healthy for years to come.

Clearing lot of trees

Call A Touch of Class Tree Service or complete our free estimate form to schedule your tree lot clearing service today.

The Benefits of Tree Lot Clearing

Whether cleaning up personal acreage or preparing for land development, your first step is bringing in the pros to clear out those unwanted trees, along with their stumps and roots. Here’s why:

Room to Roam – Whether you want to install a pool at your home or build a multi-family apartment building in the heart of downtown Denver, we’ll give you all the space you need.

Fire Safety – Even if you have a spot to build, take a look around. If you back up to forested areas or simply have a lot of vegetation, you’ll want it cleared out to reduce fire hazards.

Eye of the Beholder – We’re nature lovers here in Colorado, so if you’re considering tree lot clearing, we’ll help you find that best way to trim back and highlight your most stellar views.