Tree Pruning Methods

Tree Pruning MethodsAt A Touch of Class Tree Service, our tree pruning methods are safe, efficient and necessary for the health of your trees, but also keep your home and surrounding areas safe from dead trees or falling branches.

Our tried and true tree pruning methods will ensure your trees stay healthy, are aesthetically beautiful and safe to be around. Using the right tools for the job is imperative to ensure your trees remain strong and thrive when finished with the tree pruning process. Rest assured that we use only the best tools such as saws, pole pruners, and loppers, folding pruners and buck saws to get the job done with sharp and true cuts that will most benefit your trees.

Now, how to prune, when to prune and how much to prune are the important elements of a successful trim, which should be left to the professionals at A Touch of Class Tree Service.

Tree pruning methods usually involve four important steps, starting with cleaning dead, diseased or broken branches, which is great for mature trees. Next comes thinning, which reduces density among the tree itself allowing for air flow and light to enter. The third step is to raise the vertical clearance to allow vehicles or people to pass by or under the tree. Finally, reduce the tree’s overall height or spread so as not to obstruct any areas of the home or to keep the tree at a reasonable size. This final step should only be done on trees that are in healthy condition.

Professional tree pruning methods are important at many times of the year and through many stages of the tree’s life. It is important to know when to tackle these jobs and by hiring a professional, it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It is important to be careful of hazards such as power lines, nearby structures and of course your home. Large or dead trees should never be handled by someone that does not have the knowledge to do so. Always call on the professionals in these situations.

Topping a tree or “dehorning” is never recommended because it will endanger the tree by bug infestation or it may fall over in a storm due to the heavy regrowth after such a procedure. Know the limits involved when you need something pruned, and if you are in doubt, always get a second opinion from a professional tree pruning company.

At A Touch of Class Tree Service, we have the knowledge that comes with years of experience in tree pruning methods and practices for any and all of your tough jobs. These are just a few tips that will hopefully help you better understand the nature that surrounds you and how everyone can harmoniously thrive together in a safe environment. Tree pruning is an important and necessary procedure that will always keep your trees in the best state of health while providing beauty and shade.

Call on the experts today at A Touch of Class Tree Service and see why we’re number one.

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