Tree Removal Services Denver

A Touch Of Class Tree Service, Denver Colorado

At A Touch of Class Tree Service, serving the Denver metro area and surrounding communities, we offer the safe and professional removal of dead, diseased or unwanted trees from your yard or a commercial property. By calling our tree removal experts, you’ll avoid common DIY pitfalls – damage to your home or nearby structures, harm to the surrounding landscape, as well as serious personal injury.

With over 20 years in the business, our family owned company specializes in tree removal that’s quick, thorough and typically more affordable than you might think. And our highly-trained tree technicians have the expertise and knowledge to properly and carefully take down trees of any size.

Why Choose Tree Removal?

The basic process that A Touch of Class Tree Service uses on each project starts with an assessment of the situation and asking questions such as:

  • Why does this tree need to come down?

  • Is it diseased, rotten, dead or dying?

  • Are its roots too close to your home’s foundation?

  • If there were a storm, does it post a threat to your home or property?

  • Is the tree blocking sunlight from your home or other trees?

  • Is it located in a dangerous area, such as too close to utility lines?

  • Can part of it be saved?

These are all significant issues that one of our technicians will need to assess, and every tree removal is different. While you may think it’s just a matter of grabbing a chainsaw and cutting the tree down, it can actually be quite complicated. A Touch of Class Tree Service starts by developing a plan to safely remove the tree based on the valuation above, as well as to optimize safety for your home, yard and our crew.

cutting trees
Old tree

To schedule tree removal services, call or contact A Touch of Class Tree Service today.