When it’s time to find a tree service, A Touch of Class Tree Service has been serving Denver and the metro area since 1997. Trees need care and protection to thrive and grow. It’s important to hire a tree service with Tree Serviceexperience in all aspects of tree care.

Don’t just hire any tree company with a chainsaw. You must decide exactly what you need to be done. Do you have diseased trees, overhanging/ dead limbs that may fall when a severe storm hits, an old stump or pests you just can’t seem to control? You need a tree service that offers everything from tree removal to stump grinding and plant health care.

When it’s time to plant your trees, a certified arborist can help you determine what type of tree will work best in your geographic region and come up with a variety of trees to help you create a beautiful landscape. Most trees take a considerable amount of time to grow. This is a factor to be considered. It’s also important to consider how resistant to disease a specific type of tree is. Today ash trees face devastating infestations from the emerald ash borer.

PRUNING – Once you have planted your trees and them are growing properly, it’s important to have them pruned to avoid branches that overhang the house or brush against it. If you have branches that block visibility near streets and intersections, they need to be trimmed for safety. Dead branches should also be removed along with any branches that rub against one another. Proper pruning techniques will help the tree develop strong roots to help it withstand the Colorado weather. Pruning is also a great way to stimulate fruit production and enhance the shape. Late fall or early winter is the best time to prune your trees minimizing stress on the trees. Insects are also dormant helping to prevent infection.

TREE & STUMP REMOVAL – There are many reason trees may need to be removed. Unhealthy or diseased trees can spread the disease to other trees and sometimes trees just get old and obstruct your landscape posing a safety hazard. Cutting down trees is a dangerous job and better left to professionals.

Once the tree is down, you still have the stump to deal with. Stump grinding is done to eliminate the stump completely.

PLANT HEALTH – A certified arborist will help to identify any diseases and diagnose your trees health. To do this, arborists have a thorough knowledge of plants, soil science, botany, climate, horticultural practices, entomology, and pathology. Any indicators of an ailing tree are then taken care of to eliminate the stress this puts on the tree.

Trees add value and beauty to our homes and neighborhoods and should be cared for to ensure longevity. No matter what type of problem you are having A Touch of Class Tree Service is a full-service tree company with the experience to keep your trees healthy and strong.

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