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Tree services 101: did you know…?

We often talk about how tree trimming, stump removal, and similar tree services reduce insect and other pests in an area, but did you know that these services help slow the spread of invasive plants? Part of an arborist’s job is to recognize non-native plants and remove them. Non-local, exotic plants cause the following problems if they’re not kept in check:

  • Their roots starve nearby local plants by cutting off water and vital nutrients found in the soil.
  • With invasive vines, shrubs and other woody plants, their size blocks sunlight from shorter plants closer to the ground.
  • They provide cover, safety, and food to non-native animals that can harm local wild flora and fauna, humans and pets.

Sometimes invasive species enter our Denver metro area as seeds spread via the wind or birds. Sometimes people don’t know our state’s guidelines regarding these plants and have them shipped in from different states or countries to use in their gardens. At A Touch of Class Tree Service, as part of our tree care services, we stay up-to-date on the latest information about plants that adversely impact our region. For additional guidance or to schedule an inspection of your property, contact us today.

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