Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Denver

Once you’ve removed or cut down a tree, you’ll be left with a stump that needs to be handled. Simply call A Touch of Class Tree Service where we provide the Denver metro and surrounding communities with professional residential and commercial stump grinding and removal services.

Our fully licensed and insured tree technicians have the skills and knowledge to evaluate and remove the stumps you have in your yard or commercial lot. We’ll improve the look of your property and give back all the space taken up but your tree stump.

Typically, we go with a process called mechanical stump grinding which is the best, quickest and most economical solution to remove the last part of the tree. Other methods for removing tree stumps are chemical decomposition or digging out the stump. We will discuss your options and go with the best choice for you needs, preferences and budget.

how to remove a tree stump

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3 Great Reasons for Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Along with reclaiming your outdoor area and opening up the possibilities to spruce up your yard or build on your property, getting rid of stumps just makes sense.

Fewer Accidents – We get a lot of calls after someone has tripped over a stump and been hurt, usually kids or an elderly family member. We’ll get those stumps up and out, giving you a safer yard to enjoy.

More Convenient – As anyone who has ever mowed grass can attest, it’s much easier to mow a straight line instead of around a stump. With stump grinding, your yard work will be done quicker and easier.

Greater Protection – Old stumps make a great home for all kinds of hazards, from insects and nuisance wildlife to diseases that spread and kill other plants. Stump removal protects against all types of threats.