Tree Trimming Denver

A Touch Of Class Tree Service, Denver Colorado

How can you keep your trees looking their best? By calling A Touch of Class Tree Service, serving Denver metro and the surrounding areas. Our fully licensed and insured experts offer complete care, including tree trimming and tree pruning for residential, commercial and municipal customers. We even offer 24/7 emergency assistance after a severe storm – we’ll come out and trim branches or remove entire trees if they pose a hazard.

Extreme situations aside, tree maintenance from A Touch of Class Tree Service includes:

Evergreen Trimming

While pines and spruce trees require little attention, overgrowth can block sidewalks and sight lines, creating a hazard for people walking or driving. We’ll come out in spring or mid-summer to shape the tree, then remove dead, diseased or broken branches.

Dormant Tree Trimming

Once a tree loses all its leaves in the winter and goes dormant, we can really see what limbs need to be cut back or removed for tree health and to prevent weakened branches from breaking off in a storm and causing damage to your home or property.

Young Tree Pruning

To ensure proper structure and long-term health, our skilled arborists can begin trimming young trees once they reach 10-15 feet in height. We’ll cut off root suckers, thin excessive branches, remove limbs to shape the trunk and trim oddly-angled branches.

In addition, proper maintenance will help ward off attacks from local pests that can damage or kill your tree, even wreak havoc on the rest of your yard. Trimming also enables your tree to get the proper dose of sunlight and oxygen, no scraggly branches or clumps of dead leaves and debris to cause blockages.

Large tree tree trimming

Call or contact A Touch of Class Tree Service to schedule a professional tree trimming service.