Signs my tree has Emerald Ash Borers

Watching out for Ash Borer

Somehow, this sounds like a name for a cheesy 1970s TV detective! But it acts even worse than that – causing serious, even potentially fatal, damage to your beloved trees. Here are some signs to watch out for, because the earlier you can spot this, the better your ash tree’s chances of survival…

  • Check the upper canopy for dead or sparsely leaved branches
  • Look for excessive sprouting low on your tree or at its base
  • Assess the bark for vertical splits, perhaps showing S-shaped tunnels
  • Notice the arrival of lots of woodpeckers who like to feed on the larvae

If you spot such possible signs of Ash Borer Disease or have any questions, get in touch with our A Touch of Class Tree Service experts right away. Our number’s 720-619-6353…

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