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What’s involved in stump grinder services?

If you removed a tree and are now left with a stump, you may wonder whether to leave it or grind it down to make the land more pristine. There are good reasons to opt for stump grinding, including insect concerns like ants and termites, mowing ease, and simply a nicer look.

The process of stump grinding involves the removal of the portion that shows above ground as well as most of the roots. Major roots are generally found in depths of the first foot or two of soil around the tree. It’s important to get these out if you don’t want a new tree sprouting. The surface roots can be ground away, too. Deep grinding allows for better soil exposure, so this is recommended if you hope for healthy grass in that spot.

The length of time needed for stump grinding depends greatly on the size of the tree and the complexity of the root system. Most jobs can be completed between 30 minutes and two hours.

When the stump grinder team is done, the hole that remains is filled in with dirt and chips so there are no safety hazards. Proper stump grinding, as done by the experts at A Touch of Class Tree Service, means your lawn is not damaged and the space that the stump once occupied can now be re-designed as a smooth, obstacle-free lawn or another attractive outdoor feature. You can even use the mulch from the stump grinder process to freshen up other areas of your yard.

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