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Why is tree trimming critical to flowerbed and grass maintenance?

Many home and business owners think that tree trimming is separate from gardening and other landscaping services like mowing and seasonal outdoor cleanup. The fact is that tree trimming helps with maintenance of these other areas:

– Removal of old branches prevents damage to flowers and other plants beneath trees from falling debris. It also makes general seasonal cleanup easier by reducing the number of branches, twigs and leaves on the ground.

– While trimming a tree, an arborist can detect diseases and pests that often spread to other plants. They can then provide you with solutions to protect the landscape.

– Branches that extend out too far can create unwanted shade patches that stop plants beneath them from acquiring needed sunlight. Trimming prevents brown spots and dead plants.

Our team at A Touch Of Class Tree Service provides property owners and renters in the Denver metro area with tree services that benefit an entire landscape. For more information, contact us today.

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