Signs my tree has Emerald Ash Borers

Your questions about ash borer disease answered

The Emerald Ash Borer is a major problem in the US, including Denver. The larvae of this beetle burrow into the bark of trees where they nest and mature, eating the tree’s tender flesh. This robs the tree of vital nutrients. It eventually staves and dies.

These are the top three questions about ash borer disease.

What are the signs of ash tree disease?

Trees with ash borer disease have several distinctive traits:

  • Yellowing leaves
  • Thinning leaves
  • Holes in the bark that are D-shaped
  • Bark loss
  • Canopy loss

How do you get rid of ash borers?

Most people get rid of ash borers by using a diluted insecticide to douse the soil in which the tree is planted. The application should go to the trunk and out over the roots that are closer to the surface.

The tree absorbs the insecticide. It is then passed on to the insects when they feed on the insecticide laced tree, causing them to die.

Can ash borer trees be saved?

If the disease is caught early, the tree can usually be saved. However, if 20% of the canopy is affected and dead, it is unlikely that the tree can be saved. Even when the tree is dead, all the ash borers need to be killed so they don’t move on to other trees.

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